Free WordPress Multi Tenancy 30 days trial setup

NOTE: This is an enterprise level platform and it is not built for novice users. If you are just starting with WordPress and looking for a quick "set-and-forget" managed hosting then we are sorry this platform is not for you.


I/We believe unlimited storage and bandwidth is a real thing and we can host unlimited number of websites on a single server.

I/We do not know what is a subdomain/ DNS manager and have never heard of NS servers.

I/We can manually install plugin and themes on a WordPress site using ftp/sftp and can also take manual backups and restore them.

I/We understand different layers of caching in WordPress and also understand how Firewall and a CDN network works.

I/We can install WordPress on a local machine and can make use of SSH root access. I/We can also use WP CLI.

I/We know and understand GIT version control and can generate public/private SSH keys.

Please make sure you or someone from your team is at least on Level 3 from the above WordPress Ecosystem rating.